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Hi my name is Lisa,

I am 25 yrs old. Searching for a cure for my skin disorder. Hopefully someone can help me. About 2 years ago, i've broke out into what looks like an allergic reaction. I had white bumps all of my face that looks like my skin color. It comes and go. Which i thought it was the makeup product, food, shampoo, etc..

I went to my family doctor. He said i have acne, so he prescribed me: tetracycline. I know for a fact it is not acne because I stopped my acne when i was 21 years old. These flare ups came overnight & would last for 5-7 days.when i was on Tetracycline i've still had flare ups once or twice a month. He referred me to a dermatologist which prescribed me Doxycycline, Atraline (retin-a) @ bedtime & Duac Gel (morning). Not successful
Seems like my symptoms had worsen. I started to notice that the food i ate and my daily life routine was affecting my skin. Here are the symptoms of my flare ups I've notice..
#1 Heat
#2 Seafood
#3 Alcohol
#4 Smoking Hooka
#5 Sweating
#6 dairy (maybe)

I've talked to my dermatologist about my symptoms. He stated that he think i have Rosacea. But! not sure cause.. i don't have flushed skin. So he prescribed me low dose oracra 40mg. I had tried it for 2 months. I had a list of items and things i have to stay away from, which i am very good at following rules. I've taken it for 1 month now and still my flare ups still appear. It actually gotten worse, Sat night it was red, itchy bumps every where and my skin now feels like sand paper
I had to make an emergency phone call to have him check it out but he would'nt see me till Thursday. When i saw him the skin had already cleared up. He can see lil bumps..but he still insist it's acne. So he prescribed me Erythromycin 500mg..(sigh) Now taking it for the first day.

I don't know if this will work but i'm just really tired,stressed, and vulnarable because i don't know what exact illness i have. I feel like i've been doing this trial and error for the past 1 year & 1/2 and being on different antibiotics it's frustrating.

Here's another thing...besides the dermatologist problems. I Found out i have a mass on my thyroid & a bump on my collar bone that is located right on top of my veins or artery.

I think!!!! knowing myself whatever i have.... is not acne. that the real problem is that the flare ups is caused by blockage somewhere in my thyroid or my lymphatic system is weird out. So what i did was i requested for an ultrasound and a CT scan. The results??? they said i have multiple cyst all over around my neck and the mass on my thyroid is benign. My thyroid level is normal.

My family doctor said, because of the flare ups my lymph node enlarge because it's telling my body something is wrong and its trying to fight it. And the cysts?? he said, i have infections in my body that's why there giving me antibiotics to treat it.

I ran out of options and don't know what i should do..Can someone please!! if you have the same symptoms and problems or if you know what it is with my condition.. can you help me
I am desparate and in need of help. I don't know who to turn to, so hopefully posting this..someone out there can relate to me.

THank you!
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