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Trying new skincare routine and could use some advice. I completely revamped my skin. I am 28 years old and female. I have acne that seems to get worse with age. Mostly blackheads and under the skin comedones. I also have a bad picking habit that I am working on. I have sensitive skin so I didn't introduce all the actives I am using at once I did about a week to two weeks in between and didn't have a lot of irritation and dryness. (Aside from my run in with chemical spf which I found out I'm allergic to) My issue is that I have been breaking out horribly. But like every few days. I will have like two days where my skin is shiny and glass like with minimal blemishes then all the sudden it just explodes all at once with painful blemishes on my forehead and cheeks. I am wondering if this is typical of purging. I have read some about it but I'm just afraid it's not purging because it's been about a month since I started using acids. Although I have added more than one at different times. And I do not use them all in the same days. Here is a simplified breakdown of what I am using.

AM: milky jelly cleanser glossier with silicone scrub brush. PHA toner. A rice serum and hyaluronic peptide serum and a light liquidy moisturizer. On days I go outside or wear makeup (usually about three or four days a week) I use beekman mineral SPF milk primer and a touch of concealer. And glossier future dew just on my cheekbones.

PM: I alternate between a cleanser with AHA, a salicylic acid scrub, and a gentle face wash then stridex for sensitive skin. So I have a three night Rotation. I use a cleansing balm for double cleansing first. Then I use niacinamide, a green tea serum which seems to keep redness at bay, and a small amount of ceramide serum. Then versed skin soak moisturizer.

If somehow you have made it to the end of this post and have any advice or just thoughts that would be helpful I would greatly appreciate it! I spent hours researching and researching the best ingredients for my skin type and some days it really seems to be working wonders and others my skin is at its worst with acne. If anyone has any experience with purging from acids does this sound like that or like I need to reevaluate? It has been a month since introducing salicylic acid, 2 weeks since AHA, and a few days for the PHA toner.
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