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What is scamming to you? Fake reviews to advertise, how do you know that they are fake reviews? Sometimes
listening to your gut feeling is the best. This is what happened when you listen to too many people saying things that you tend to believe if you hear or see it too many times. Here's the list of scamming trade that you need to watch out for, Advertising, marketing strategies are irrelevant. Stop the ignorance, do your own research & start listening to your own gut feeling.

1. take your money and run
2. sell products that never work
3. does not disclosed complete ingredients on the label

If these 3 are present, then be my guest, they are a scammer!

i've heard some people on here said that lots of places make fake reviews to do i find out if they do or not?
how would you?
i just want to make sure that the places i buy from are not scams and are telling the truth!
oh and if you have any places that scam please tell me!
thanks again!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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