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Scar treatment

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Hi, I'm gailn and I'm new to this site and indeed quite new to the web. I live in Australia and am in my early fifties. I've recently had eyelid surgery and wanted to know about scarguard. Has anyone used it and if so, does it work?
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Hi gailn, I don't know about scarguard, but welcome here! I'm sure someone of us can help with that!

I've never used it personally, but you should be careful about using creams on the eyelids. Most products are not suitable for the thin skin on the eyelids.
Thanks for the welcome Fawnie. Unfortunately no one has replied about using Scarguard. I've started using it anyway. Hope it helps. Will report back in a few weeks. Bye
For Jade.
Thanks for the advice. Scarguard isn't a cream. It's like a silicon skin that goes over the scar. Anyway, I'm giving it a try. Hope it does something. I like your quote!
Never heard of Safeguard before.
pumi, I bought it over the internet form the US. So far so good.
I have a friend who used this product and gained excellent results from it. The key is to use it daily on clean skin and not to slack off using it. Good luck!
Thanks for the advice LaDonna. I'm overseas on holidays at the moment and I must admit to not being as regular as I need to be. I'm so glad someone has gained good results using it. I will stop slacking off as of now!
pumi, I bought it over the internet form the US. So far so good.
I see. I am happy it's working for you then
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Try use vitamin E, it works great for my friend
Thanx johnnylove57, I used the Vit E for the first couple of weeks after the stitches were taken out and it was good but switched to Scarguard and so far so good.
One thing about scar treatment is that it will definitely take a long time to see effect unless you are undergoing professional treatment. Which is why it is called "SCAR" in the first place. Do be patient
Thanx to both StayinYoung and johnnylove57. I'm trying to be patient and am still using scarguard. Things are going OK so far.
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Hi all, thought I'd just let you know how I ended up after using the scarguard for three months or so. I have had a tendency to scar quite badly in the past (keiloid scarring), so was keen to see if this made a difference or not. I had eyelid surgery and was a bit nervous about the results. My eyes are looking great. I can still see the scars but nobody else can. My family say they can't see any scars at all.
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Can you tell us the ingredients of scarguard? I am unfamiliar with the product
I'm unable to find the box the scarguard came in for the full list of ingredients but the bottle lists the 'active ingredients' as-Silicone 12%, Hydrocortisone 0.5%, Vitamin E, Flexible Collodion.
It is a clear liquid which you 'paint' on over the scar like a plastic skin.
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