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Lmao, Sorry for the corny title. But where are the SCT Men At? I know this is a mostly Female Dominated Forum But I See Some of yall out there
I know that male skin is a little different than our lovely SCT women. What are your goal Shades? Do you have any before and afters? What Products or regimen are you using. It would be great to know there are more Male Skin Lighteners out there. Some of us can be so shy lol.

Anyways Heres My Goal :
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Yes.........Gus is a guy. The other one that hasn't entered this thread is crwn, he too adds another mark to the males list here!! There are more here then you realize!!
and who can forget our soap expert Mr Nuckingz!!!
Yes Gymrat he is back!!1f4831f4831f483
Oh snap...I just checked and realised that evenlybright is male!!! :jawsdown: :smash:
1f6031f6031f6031f603 I was waiting for that shoe to drop!!
Shoo shoo virgin BOYS ONLY lol But yea, IMZ A MALE AND IM LOVING IT. WELL EXCEPT THE FOOTBALL PART. -_- stupid things in my way of looking beautiful.
1 - 4 of 1341 Posts
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