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Sensitive Skin and Household Cleaners

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Ok girls. Here's my thing.
I just switched back (about 10 days now) using regular, store bought fabric softener. I used to use a natural softener...or maybe the better wording is a safe fabric softner, which had a lot of natural ingrediants.

Well....lately, I've been itching all over. Then the other day, my face was itching...and that was a day after I washed my pillow case and used the new fabric AHAAAA....figured it out.

My poor sensitive skin can't handle harsh stuff. Heck, use bleach around me, I can't breathe....spray Lysol....and literally I will start coughing and gasping for air. Use a detergent other than natural or free of really irritates me. Same thing happens with laundry detergent too.​
I heard of a new product called Method...they sell it at Target. Supposedly it's natural ingrediants. People friendly, skin friendly and lung friendly. Here is the link: method : home Has anyone tried it? I haven't yet.

For the past 2-3 years, I was using Meleleuca products, and recently switched back....I didn't know how great their product were until I switched back (I mean I know...but never thought I'd have these reactions). I forgot how good my body felt. Melalueca products are great too....but you have to have an account and have to purchase so much per month...bummer...that's why I finally quite. But dang it anyhow....may have to re-sign up to save my poor skin.

Until I get my hands back on a MILD safe for my skin, fabric softner...anyone got any tips for me....oh and please don't say skip it...cuz I LOVE MY FABRIC SOFTNER.

Anyone else sensitive and have to watch their household cleaning products? If you are sensitvie, what do you use?
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So moral to my long ars story....if you have sensitive skin, what do you use? I mean sensitive skin to household laundry detergents and fabric softners and such.
My skin isn't sensitive, but I have found a couple of natural fabric softeners that I buy at Whole Foods that I'm absolutely crazy about. They make my clothes smell so cozy.
I love Ecover's fabric softener (has that classic fabric softener scent), and I also love Mrs. Meyer's fabric softener in Gardenia (smells like roses). Good luck!!
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Wow Kelly I thought I was bad. I react more to household cleaners than laundry items. I too can't breathe and my eyes swell up and I cough bad when I smell bleach or it has been used.

I use regular detergent (Tide) and regular softner (Downey) b/c they just work and they don't affect me. I did however read something about that Method brand and they compared it to other safer/natural brands. I don't remember the details but there were some that did better and some that did worse.

For me the detergents from Whole Foods just didn't clean my clothes and towels like Tide does. I think you should try the Method brand it's inexpensive. If all else fails then just go w/what you know works and go back to your old product. You know it works for you.
Kelly, I must say you know your stuff.......... you have great advice and interesting topics.
Thank you so much for your responses girls! I truely appreciate it. May have to look into some of the suggestions....or like bad cat says....may just have to go back to my old stuff (bummer though, cuz then I'd have to re-open an account).
OMG, this happened to me years ago when I lived on the west coast. Got a sample of a laundry detergent in the mail. I won't say which brand but, it's well-known and a name (I thought) I could trust.
It made me itch SO bad all over - thank goodness I didn't wash my delicates with it - and I used 3 tubes of cortisone creams. Missed 2 days of work. I sent the empty tubes of cream to the company along with a letter and they sent me a check to reimburse me for the cost of the creams.
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