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In response to the person with sensitive skin, I had the same problem in my teens, I was fortunate in trying the original olay lotion which hydrates enough so that your skin is not dry but kept me from breaking out more. I believe that if you have severe acne, you should probably see a dermatologist because it may create scars which may be permanent. I've been using regenerist and switch off with the total effects olay line, since now I'm much older I need more hydration and have been successful in not breaking out with these products. Hope this info is of use to you, GOOD LUCK!Almost forgot, clean your face with something like Clinique liquid facial soap mild, or the Estee Lauder I believe its called splash away. Rinsing your face with warm water three times a day even if you have no cleanser and reapplying a pea size of olay should suffice. Lets put it this way I don't have to use foundation and my friends always compliment me on my skin. Most important factor keep your face clean and use a good moisturizer.
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