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Severely Allergic to Hydroquione - Best alternatives

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I have been trying to bleach my skin sucessfully for years but have always failed bc any hydrooquione porduct I have used has cased my skin to turn red, then dark, and severe itchy. Even to the point sometimes I would get a fever or shortness of breath after applying 4% creams on my body. I do not think I can ever go back to trying it after I did nearly three times. Kojic Acid doesn't do much, I've used Neopronose Gel Forte and it works so slow. I use tretionion already for anti aging but I still fell like I haven't gotten lighter than one shade using all of these.

What is a good alternative to skin bleaching that's not HQ. I can't bear to keep trying anymore but each day when I look at my uneven skin tone, acne scars on my back, and darker bum but lighter thighs it makes me depressed. I am currently Jasmine Tookes color and I want to be three shades lighter.

Forehead Nose Hair Cheek Skin

Forehead Nose Cheek Lip Eyelash

Is attainable with out HQ?
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Hi yasmine! This is so weird because, just today before I read this thread... I was scrolling through the very old threads on this forum, and someone named ondine talked about using Sepiwhite as an HQ alternative. Apparently, you can combine the two to whiten up your skin, but taking Sepiwhite on its own is also okay. A lot of popular products have utilized Sepiwhite for its amazing ability to lighten your skin, though I must warn you that it has a tendency to thin out the skin. HQ reacts that way too, I think, so moisturizing and using skinbuilders like EVOO and Retin-A are very important to add to your skin care schedule.

Sepiwhite MSH powder can be bought from Lotioncrafter that you can then use to formulate your own DIY product. But I guess you can buy products that already uses this ingredient, there are tons out there.

Good luck!
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Sepiwhite has worked well for me and really gives my skin a glow. I do not make my own stuff though. I use the Tonique line.
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