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Severely Allergic to Hydroquione - Best alternatives

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I have been trying to bleach my skin sucessfully for years but have always failed bc any hydrooquione porduct I have used has cased my skin to turn red, then dark, and severe itchy. Even to the point sometimes I would get a fever or shortness of breath after applying 4% creams on my body. I do not think I can ever go back to trying it after I did nearly three times. Kojic Acid doesn't do much, I've used Neopronose Gel Forte and it works so slow. I use tretionion already for anti aging but I still fell like I haven't gotten lighter than one shade using all of these.

What is a good alternative to skin bleaching that's not HQ. I can't bear to keep trying anymore but each day when I look at my uneven skin tone, acne scars on my back, and darker bum but lighter thighs it makes me depressed. I am currently Jasmine Tookes color and I want to be three shades lighter.

Forehead Nose Hair Cheek Skin

Forehead Nose Cheek Lip Eyelash

Is attainable with out HQ?
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Sepiwhite has worked well for me and really gives my skin a glow. I do not make my own stuff though. I use the Tonique line.
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