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skin brightening face wash..?

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Does a face wash brighten skin? There are many face wash, who have titles like "skin brightening facial foam".
I want to know, what is the primary purpose of face wash?
And is normal face wash different from those face wash which claim to brighten skin?

i am sorry..some of the questions may sound silly...but i dont have much knowledge about skin care..and really want to know..

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Typical face washes do not brighten the skin. A face wash that does claim to do it usually does so by having a mild chemical exfoliant in the product. This works by breaking the "glue" that makes the old top layer of the skin stick to the younger lower layers. When this glue is broken the top layers are removed and the younger more vibrant layer is exposed, thus "brightening" the skin. Brightening means giving it a more youthful appearance, it doesn't necessarily mean that it will change the color of the skin drastically.
is it safe to use??
Actually i have a sensitive skin, and i dont want to spoil it. But i want to have brighter skin.

thank you so much.
i used Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Brightening Daily Scrub for a few months, i love it. it smells so natural and great. its sort of like a liquidy gell with micro beads in it so its a great exfoliater too.. it made my skin more radiant, more youthful feeling and looking. i deff recommends produt for more radiant smoother skin
Hi there,

Face washes clean your skin but do not dry it like soap can. Skin brightening cleansers may contain glycolyc acid. This alpha hydroxyacid derived from sugar cane removes dead skin-cells and, therefore, gives a brightening effect.

Best wishes,

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What they said,lol. Usually, if a skin cleanser claims to brighten, it probably has acids/ingredients like Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, Malic acid,Lemon Extract,Soy,Mulberry and so on. Brightening is about giving your skin glow. But a cleanser alone is not likely to give amazing results, unless you have minor skin issues. Also, you should try to leave your facial cleanser for at least 2 minutes so it can get in your pores.

Regular facial washes in general are just supposed to make your skin clean, omitting oil and dirt.

Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleaner was really good when I used it. It takes time to work but it gives your skin luminosity. It has soy to even out your skin and make it look youthful and the salicylic acid exfoliates. My skin was glowing on Aveeno products
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