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Skin Care products?

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My face is sensitive to alot of products so I am looking for some natural products i suppose.

1. What do I need to maintain good skin I have and keep brown spots from coming. I do get in the sun and tan every now and then and want a good cleanser, toner I guess, and Lotion, and something to remove brown spots and wrinkles or to keep them from coming? PLease give me a good regimine to use and what products would be good.

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A sunblock would be very useful in preventing brown spots
Dear ShaneA655,

First let me be up front, I do have a site that promotes natural skin care products. But, there are some things you should do before spending your money on any skin care products. Look at your daily skin care routine.

How many times do you wash your skin a day? You should at least wash your skin twice a day. Pure water works fine for your body. You should use a moisturizing soap for your face, under arms and groin area. Don't use an antibacterial soap or cleanser - they will dry your skin.

Be sure you drink plenty of clean, filtered water. Healthy skin needs hydration from the inside as well as out. Right after coming out of the shower, before you completely dry your skin, apply a moisturizing cream or lotion to your skin. This helps to lock in moisture already on the skin.

Don't smoke, it causes wrinkles & dehydrates your skin.

Since you like to be in the sun and tan, you will continue to have problems with your brown spots. Like mutti said in the post, you need to use a sunblock that has an SPF rating of 15 or higher.

Some skin care companies have a moisturizer & sun block combined. Others keep them separate. Since you have sensitive skin, you might want to keep them separate. Many moisturizers contain antioxidants that help repair the skin and provide a little bit of natural sunblock.

If you limit your sun exposure, you should look for a whitening cream to help with the brown spots.

If you would like more detailed skin info, look at my bio for my site. Hope that helps you a little.
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I have just tried a new natural product and it works great for my sensitive skin. It is a new product that I found through a friend. The skin cream has pure virgin coconut oil in it and I have read that it helps to lighten spots on the skin (in addition to many other benefits). I don't think this cream is in stores yet, it is new to Canada, but I absolutely love how my skin looks and feels. It is not expensive and I found that a little goes a long way. Good luck with your search!
Have you ever tried using products from Clinique. All of them are allergy tested and 100% fragance free. I have fairly sensitive skin and I been using more and more of their products lately with no problems.
I recently bought Clinique´s NEW Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief and its done wonders - i had such dry skin and now its so soft!
I can recommend Skin Actives and Garden of Wisdom for natural products I'm sure there are many more but those are the two I've bought products from and been very pleased with. Clinique is not an all natural skincare line although they do have unscented skincare. Getting a tan is the quickest way to age the skin and get those little brown spots, always wear a sunscreen and if you want the tanned look I would suggest you use a fake tan lotion.
I used to use Philosophy skin care lines, was good, but now I see they have this New foaming face wash, and I want to start all over again with Philosophy, but the prices scares me now!!! I was on the Lush skin care kick, but kicked them outta my life, They dont last as long as other products.
My face is sensitive to alot of products so I am looking for some natural products i suppose.

1. What do I need to maintain good skin I have and keep brown spots from coming. I do get in the sun and tan every now and then and want a good cleanser, toner I guess, and Lotion, and something to remove brown spots and wrinkles or to keep them from coming? PLease give me a good regimine to use and what products would be good.

Antioxidants have great effects to the skin, as too it has great effects to the body when eaten. There's a lot of discovery of all these fruits and how they have antioxidants and turned them into drinks and so on. I found a product called ageless and it has so many different antioxidants that help your skin, i actually tried it myself and I'm amazed how good it works, it doesn't just help wrinkles but makes your skin tone a lot better... Other then that I do eat a lot of fruits to that have antioxidants and drink a lot of water.
I have a sensative skin also but wanted a good anti ageing regime. i recently bought a product called the 2 Week Miracle from a Transform Clinic, used it twice a day and was absoloutley amazed at the diffence in my skin and lines. I have gone back to my normal products but the result has stayed, this only cost me £69, well worth it, i would recommend it to anyone.
Zenbiotic makes products that are natural raw and free of artificial additives. I have used them with good results and no irritation as long as they are used as directly - you have to use small amounts and go very slowly adding new products or you will have problems. Available online only or from the salon in Santa Monica CA.

Hi guys, I have been using skin care products from I'm fabulous Cosmetics for a couple of years now and love it, I get the Organic Fruits peel, the Retinol 1 % cream and Eye depuffer Lift. I just bought last week their new Hyaluronic acid serum with Glycolic and i am so in love with this product!!! It make my skin so soft and look radiant!
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hey shane~ i just wanted to tell you the experience my gf had with commercial product and how it didn't work out for her. So the truth is, product like proactive sometime work and sometime it doesn't work. and other product might work better for others and not so well for others. for my gf, she used many product and so far, nothing has worked for her. most of the product either gave her skin rash or did not work at all. and sometime it made it worst like her face would break out even more. i know none of this relates to your thread but my point is, there are so many product out there that we haven't heard of because they aren't advertise on TV. one of them i recently discover (stumble while researching Nutrilite) is Artistry.
here is one of the youtube video about Artistry (cant post link-haha)
but if u keyword Artistry Ingredient on youtube, the title is call "what is artistry" that should be a starter.

i introduced the product to my gf and she said it isnt bad. like its working for her (been using it for 3 weeks from now)
i did some research and most of the product ingredients are organic substance. is more convincing if you did the research yourself but here is a link which i thought could be helpful.
(unfortunately i cant give u the link to the ingredient)
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Great thread. and now I'm interested, too!!!

Being that your skin is sensative It is better to understand the exact cause of skin discoloration before starting off with a treatment. If you do not seem to find an obvious reason, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist and get a proper diagnosis done.

Meanwhile, you can try out the following home remedies for skin discoloration that has dramatically help a great number of clients

•Make a mixture of honey, milk cream, lemon juice and almond oil. Apply this mixture on your face to get an even skin tone.

•Take powdered dry orange peels and mix it with milk or yogurt to make a thick paste. This paste works as an excellent scrub and helps remove the dead cells from the skin. Apply this paste on your face and leave it to dry naturally. After the paste has tried up, remove the flakes and wash your face with water.

•Another good scrub can be made by grinding soaked almond and making it into a paste. Mix this paste with honey and apply on the face. Let the paste dry up naturally and then wash off with clean water.

•Use a fruit and vegetable mask on your face to reduce discoloration. Strawberries, apricots, and cucumbers can be mixed into pulp and applied on your face as a mask.

•Freshly cut slices of vegetables (like, tomato, cucumber, and potato) can be rubbed on the face to help lighten skin blemishes and other spots.

•Exfoliation is also a good method to scrub away the dead cells from the skin surface and give the skin an even complexion. Mix finely ground oatmeal, sugar, nutmeg, and olive oil. Wet your face and then apply this mixture on your face. Gently rub your skin in circular motion for about 10-15 minutes and then wash off your face with water.

Finally, you should also pay some attention to your diet and lifestyle. Eat healthy and nutritious food, take proper rest, and avoid stressful lifestyle. You should also drink plenty of water throughout the day to flush out the toxins effectively and keep your skin properly hydrated.

I hope these tips are helpful being that they are all natural you can try all of them until you see which gives you the best results.

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Quote: Originally Posted by penny102


I have been using replenix, it is the best and effective skin care product It will definitely helps to reduce wrinkles and makes the skin glorious.

I started using the Replenix eye cream after I got a sample and I have to say this is the only eye cream, and I've tried just about everything, that has made a visible difference to the wrinkles and firmness on the skin around my eyes. It's not cheap but I use a tiny amount and it will last me for months, you can get samples on Ebay for a few $$ and you should see a difference almost immediately.
I can't recommend this highly enough.
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I started using Freya+ a few weeks ago and now swear by it! It uses new Scandinavian technology that really works. Its unlike anything else I have ever used - top quality and works great for me! I have pretty sensitive skin too. Seriously Amazing results! WELL worth the splurge!
Quote: Originally Posted by Erin87

if you would like to change your facial products to Artistry can give me an email
[email protected]
I am Amway distributor in Singapore. 100% refundable with T&C apply

Does Amway carry a Spam cream? I cant seem to find one anywhere.
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I've been using products from Dakota Free. It's run by a family that couldn't find anything for their sensitive skin so they started making their own. The Organic Facial Scrub leaves your skin so soft!
I have checked out some of these products online; Fawnie's suggestion sounds wonderful. I am also a little concerned, after reading some posts, that people still believe that Clinique is hypo allergenic and 100 % fragrance free. I am not, in any way, criticizing this treatment/make up line---in fact, it used to be my favorite, once upon a long time ago; however, it has become extremely commercialized, and let me just make a suggestion for those 'buying into' the pure, allergenic and other advertising campaigns surrounding it and other Major Commercial lines---just take a look a vast, and I mean VAST list of ingredients found on the side of the's truly kind of amazing and in a way, hypocritcal, and some of their products do have a fragrance---Repair Wear, for one. I bought it a long time ago, got my proverbial migraine, returned the product and then was painfully delivered a lecture about NO FRAGRANCES. I told the SA to kindly smell and tell me she didn't detect a thing. She then said, 'oh, that's menthol.' I told her, it still smells; tell my head ache.

I guess it's Buyer Beware. BTW, I do adore Moisture Surge.
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