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Skin Ceuticals products are made by another company

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Hi. I found that quite a few people on this forum found Skin Ceuticals as quite effective, may be because it has to be prescribed by doctor or a beautician in salon, and you cannot buy it from the shelf due to the strength of their ingredients. Skin Ceuticals are not cheap. One of their 'famous' product is ferulic acid with vit. C and E that supposed to make a big difference as an anti-aging product. Interestingly enough, I found that another company called Forever Young (here in UK) making very similar to Skin Ceuticals products and claim that they are similar to Skin Ceuticals, especially their Ferulic Acid. The price is about 10 times lower! So I've decided to try and ordered it (I'm waiting for it at the moment). Also they make chemical peel kits of different strengths that, as they claim, similar to high-price salon ones, although their prices are very reasonable. If anyone interested in these products you can find them on (note: UK, not com. Then type "ferulic acid" and you'll find their e-bay shop). I will keep you updated on their products as I'm about to receive some of them.
Hope you find this info useful in some way.
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Yes! very useful Alienka! Thanks! We are always looking for cheaper and better!
The thing about SkinCeuticals (and Cellex-C) is that their products are very stable, apparently. We can make our own much cheaper, I found, though. The guy who founded SC and Cellex pioneered Vit C serums, so he's got the science behind him, but I guess anyone can make C serums now.

Skinceuticals is not made by forever young. Skinceuticals is actually owned by l'oreal. I cannot comment on the forever young products as I have never used them. I would imagine that it is just their version of the popular skinceutical products (don't they have products that are also similar to IS Clinical?) They are well priced and worth trying out. If they are as good as the SC version, it would be a steal. I will have to echo what alienka has said...many of the well know C serums work so well because they are stable and have lab research to back this up. This is a consideration because it would be such a good value if it is cheaper but has a substantially shorter shelf life.

While it is true that many of these cosmeceutical brands were once only sold in Dr. offices, you can get them at many places now and usually at a lower price than the mrsp.
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