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Skin discolouration from accident

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I was recently in a skateboarding accident and grazed my head on gravel, which has left a scar/discolouration on my forehead. What can I do to get rid of it as it is very noticable!
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I wouldn't be hasty to put anything with Hydroquinone on it. It will likely make the spot larger and more red.

I don't know, it seems slight to me. I would nurse it with cocoa butter and/or vitamin E.

Note: I am no expert at all. I just wanted to warn you against Hydroquinone.
It is actually rather noticeable when you see it. I have been using tissue oil for the last few days and will carry on doing so.
It may be noticeable, but not the worse thing. Actually I imagined more when you said it was a skateboard accident. You're actually lucky.

Uh... let's see. I think caring for it will definitley get rid of it quickly. Like, making sure you use going facial moisturizer that helps with blemishes and a blemish-free face wash.
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I hope you know this post was posted 2 years ago dez :p
I hope you know this post was posted 2 years ago dez :p

Well it was in bold on the forum list as if it was just recent posts in it so I didn't even look at the date. Well hell, that scar should be long gone by now! Thanks!
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