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couple of options:
1) the classic HQ 4%/RA 0.05% Cream from, mix a pea sized amount of RA to a Quarter sized amount of HQ 4% and apply on your face every night. In the morning apply only HQ 4% and over that a sunscreen of spf 50 or higher.
2) if you have the money the buy the fair and flawless 5xf lightening gel, here is the link:Skin Whitening Gel PH 5.5 Apply twice a day for 6 months.
3) Do a couple series of 65% Lactic Acid peels to prepare and lighten the skin, then take a break and finish off by doing a series of TCA 18% Peels
4) TRILUMA, this product works wonders for sun damage and discolorations, use it every night for 3 months, do not use longer than 6 months. Ask a doctot for a prescription or buy it off the internet for 100 dollars a tube. It works.

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