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I have experience trying creams on my face a lot because my skin is either too dry or too oily. Then, one of my friends told me that after awhile my skin builds resistance to creams and the active ingredients in them. Is this really true?
I went to my local health food store yesterday and found a gel called Skin Energizing Gel with Hawaiian seaweed concentrate. Now this cream says that its minerals supply an energy to my skin that improves its response to the active ingredients in beauty creams. As a result, if I use this gel my beauty creams will start to work again. Before I open the gel, has anyone used this product?
I did a little research on Hawaiian seaweed and I found that seaweed contains strong negative ions, which produce an electric-type energy that stimulates skin cells and provides an energy that enables a new level of response to creams applied over it. Has anyone used Hawaiian seaweed before and knows if this really works?
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