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I am 30 and need advice on my skin care/skin health maintenance.
I used to have acute acne problem in my teen-age years. I still have breakout sometimes. I had used almost every single thing on m face to get rid of acne. My skin has lost the smoothness. I understand I cannot make up for the past. But is there any way I can take care of it from now on. I mean so that my skin looks soft/fresh.

Also I have kind of black circle around my lip and chin. I think I have combination skin. Can you please help me with these all?
And suggest me a good skin care product with the ways to use them properly.
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gary 9vj;
I use home microdermabrasion to even out color and blemishes. Been doing it for five years and it works fine for me. I'm 46 and pass for 30 all the time.
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