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Skin id vs proactive........

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Hey Everyone, i just ordered the SKIN ID skincare regime at skinid.come, my ID was 14-32-72. It seems like it will work. My skin is not bad, i just dont want to have to wear powder anymore! I will let you all know how it works for me but has anyone tried it yet? Also, i used proactive but it just made me break out more.
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I haven't tried Skin ID, but I recently read an article that talks about why Proactiv doesn't work, and why you should stay away from water-based acne products. It's called Proactiv isn't proactive - why water is bad
Dont use proactiv meant to be really harsh etc from what Iv heard and just bad product on skin in general, hope your skin though gets better soon
Proactiv can treat acne, but it will cause some redness too
I've tried proactiv. it was amazing and i literally saw results in 2 days.

i stopped using because i was a sophomore in HS and my mom got it and gave me the rest because she said it didnt work for her.
I couldnt afford anymore.

ive looked into SKIN ID and i looked at all the products and it seems that theyre almost all exactly the same. same ingredients etc. it also seemed to be the same stuff they had in their over the counter products. I also read that it can extremely dry out your skin which pushed me away because products tend to dry me out after the first use sometimes.

i think some things work for some people and not for others. its all a matter of finding what works for YOUR skin.
I am recently using proactive and i did see results in the first night i had it, BUT......that was two years ago. And ever since then my skin has looked the same!! And im ready for clear skin!!! I think proactive heals some acne, but if you already have it proactive doesnt make it go away. It just prevents it from getting worse. So im going to try skin id...hope it works! AND WISH ME LUCK!
to be honest:
proactive and skin ID use the same active ingredient: benzoyl peroxide.

skin ID just changes concentrations depending on your skin type.

do a search on benzoyl peroxide and you'll see why nobody here really likes it.
Proactiv can treat acne, but it will cause some redness too
i agree ^^^. i used to use it,worked really well and face but redness never left,skin felt dry as well
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