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Skin is a Self Healing Organ

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Skin is a self healing organ (the largest organ in the body), and with assistance and treatment for acne it can recover from even serious acne outbreaks. We have assembled information about how you can have the best complexion possible and stay away from products that are potentially harmful or a waste of time and money.

What can your Skin do?

* It repairs itself.
* It is wonderfully elastic and pliable.
* It registers sensations with such specificity that it lest the brain differentiate among them.
* It not only feels but also remembers sensations.
* It is incredibly resilient.
* It is largely self-cleaning and rarely suffers from lasting infection.
* It can let in certain important elements even while protecting you from others.
* Most astonishing of all, our skin is capable of holding in the entire , huge amount of liquid that flows through our bodies.

Here are some basic acne treatments product ingredients:

* Salicylic Acid
* Glycolic Acid
* Benzoyl Peroxide (BP)
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]Lotions with the maintenance of spirit it is possible to recommend safely have oily skin inclined to inflammations as alcohol possesses drying and disinfectant action. However here the most important - to observe a measure: the maintenance of spirit in a preparation should not exceed 15-17 %. And who has dry skin, from the means containing spirit, is better to refuse in general, differently on the person there can be a peeling, the irritation, unpleasant feeling.
well...a thing about skin healing is that....the reason there are scar is because the repaired skin are much weaker than the skin around it. Everyone should wear sun prot all the time (okey...most of the time)

Need to always remember that skin need our help and care to perform it's best. pick ur skin care products with love~~~~
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