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Hi guys, I am back.

I came here to bother you guys for some suggestions regarding skin lightening dermatologists around London.

I embarked this lightening journey around September/October of 2022 I believe; started off with just exfoliating and lactic acid peels and was able to successfully remove my really bad permatan and now I have gone from NC44/42 to NC30/35. I didn’t have the chance to start incorporating lightening creams because I was really busy with work and came to realise how demanding and strict this journey is and I believe I won’t always be able to keep up with it.
My original target shade was NC27 but since then I have been watching how Indian actors and actresses (I am South Asian), are able to almost change race (while being super duper busy) once they start to get their money up and go to a dermatologist, hence why I have decided that I want to go lighter (around NC15-17) with the help of a professional.

I live in London and know how skin lightening is frowned upon by almost everyone, so I am scared to contact any dermatologist I find online and enquire about this topic and I am also worried that many dermatologists won’t know much about skin lightening and just suggest me the bare minimum and I will just end up spending so much money (ik this path ain’t cheap😔) with no result. I need to a dermatologist who knows their sh*t and will go above and beyond for their patients so please SCT family, suggest me a good dermatologist from whom I can actually get results.

Thank you so much for reading all this 😅 I fr appreciate it.
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