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Pls how many of the tubes

I ran across this thread about dermovate last month. @lolablue suggested to use 1 bottle of CLEAR ESSENCE BODY MILK and 1 tube of DERMOVATE CREAM. Dermovate is strong. Last month, I made a mix and tested it on the cheeks of my buttocks. After 3 days of using dermovate, I took a shower using a korean italian towel and it ended up scrubbing off unevenly and I got PIH and a nasty rash. 2 weeks after my cheeks healed,the color was still uneven and looked more like cellulite. Luckily, I soon discovered that lactic acid peels and YPO were much effective than lightening creams, but I still use creams that have hydroquinone and tretinoin. I haven't used dermovate since then but I have done a lactic acid peel on my body and also 2 YPO peels. The part where I used the dermovate on my buttchecks are noticeably lighter than my back and back thighs ( even though my thighs are getting lighter from the peels and non-dermovate creams). The dermovate areas are also a creamer look than the parts of my body that were lightened using hydroquinone and tretinoin. As time goes on, the uneveness caused by dermovate is starting to blend in better with the surrounding areas.
I haven't used dermovate since that incident because I've found chemical peels and hydroquinone+ tretinoin to be effective for me. I know dermovate is a much stronger steroid and, even though I didn't use it long enough to fully experience the negative effects of such a strong steroid, I'm glad I found a healthier alternative. I still have that mix of dermovate and 5 brand new tubes. If dermovate is as unhealthy as peeple make it seem, its good that there are safer alternatives. Good luck if you use it.
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