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I have been wondering about skin moisturizers and such (for use on my face).

Im asian, and my skin seems to fluctuate between medium/above-average oiliness to very dry. The dryness seems to usually occur at night, and the oiliness during the middle of the day.

What kind of moisturizers should i use? Like, are there certain ingredients i should be looking for in my skin products and ones that i should be avoiding due to my skin's prone to being above average oiliness?

Will using different products during the night/day be more effective? Any suggestions or advice would be helpful! Thanks =)

(btw, just a side question.. do people with really silky smooth skin.. is that genetics or good skin care + products? Is is possible for someone with medium skin quality to go to really nice smooth skin with just.. proper care and product or are we stuck?)

Thanks again!

Combination skin requires special treatment. As already suggested, use skin care products that are specifically formulated to cater to combination skin. And also, make sure your moisturizer is water based and not oil based. Try using moisturizing serums and gels. That should help your skin.

Good luck

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