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I have been wondering about skin moisturizers and such (for use on my face).

Im asian, and my skin seems to fluctuate between medium/above-average oiliness to very dry. The dryness seems to usually occur at night, and the oiliness during the middle of the day.

What kind of moisturizers should i use? Like, are there certain ingredients i should be looking for in my skin products and ones that i should be avoiding due to my skin's prone to being above average oiliness?

Will using different products during the night/day be more effective? Any suggestions or advice would be helpful! Thanks =)

(btw, just a side question.. do people with really silky smooth skin.. is that genetics or good skin care + products? Is is possible for someone with medium skin quality to go to really nice smooth skin with just.. proper care and product or are we stuck?)

Thanks again!
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