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I'm 15, male, and I have quite red cheeks.

From looking at pictures I've noticed that I've always had slightly red cheeks, it's just they have gotten very gradually worse.

The thing is, that the right cheek seems to be redder than the left, I don't know why though. Must be just more blood-vessels on that side.

I think it is some form of Rosacea, or KP, which I've hear causes cheek redness too.
I used to have one of the main symptoms of KP, the many "goose-pimple"-like bumps on my upper arm, but these have since disappeared, and only if you looks extremely closely you can just about see the traces of them, but you cannot feel them. So that would be why I suspect KP.

I'm guessing this has to do with my skin complexion, because from looking at pictures, my mom also had this kinda of problem when she was young, although her's even seemed worse.
Nowadays, you can't even tell she ever had a skin redness problem.
[Nothing to do with make-up].

The outside of my forearms are also usually red. And again, the right one more than the left?

I hate this because it just looks odd, and it makes me seem as if I'm always embarrassed or something.
And I also think it looks like a weakness.

I also have a few small moles on my face, and one larger one about 2cm below my eye, which I'm getting removed in less than 2 months, I'm just afraid of scarring, but I decided even if there was a scar it would still look better.
And I read that you can get laser surgery to resurface skin on scars or something to fix it, so I can always get that sometime I guess.
I might update this after the surgery to tell people how it went.

Can anybody give any advice on what the redness might be?
Or how to alleviate it with dietary changes and/or products?
And is it true that drinking lots of water would help?

And the thing is, I really like the way I look, I have no problems with my image except the redness and the moles, both of which I think are related to my skin, because if I had a darker skin tone then maybe redness wouldn't show.
Because I looked at my reflection in a window the other day, and I loved the way I looked [because you couldn't see the redness].
This is also making me very self-concious, and has lowered my self-esteem a good bit.

All advice and responses welcome!

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I am assuming when youve had a doctor look at your moles since you are saying they will be removed soon. What did the doctor say about your other skin condition?
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