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Hey people

Im new to this forum and was hoping I could get some help before I went (if I have to) to see a dermatologist. I am 21 years old and recently Ive been gettin more acne on my face and upper back. Ive always had the occ***ional breakout on my face but its become more pronounced recently and as for my back - its never been as bad as it is. I remember I first noticed gettin back acne a few years ago but recently ive noticed alot of marks from previous back spots ive had and also ive got big painful acne spots as well which im afraid will leave more marks.

I usually exfoliate my face 3 times a week with a gentle exfoliator and I clean/scrub my body daily. I moisturise with coca butter formula everyday after a shower. My skincare routine seems normal but obviously its not working.

Im slightly unsure as to what cleansers / moisturisers I need because of my skin type. My body is normal and slightly dry after a shower so I use a dry skin lotion (cocoa butter or vaseline dry skin with aloe vera) which seems to work well, except for my back acne!!

As for my face most of the time its pretty oily (including my cheeks and t-zone). But i read something about the skin test where you cleanse your face and leave it to see what skin type you have - i cleanased my face just now with a normal clenser for all skin types and pay dried my ace, and my face feels rather tight and looks quite dry. SO i dont know whether to get a moisturiser for oily skin or dry skin. As ive said usually after ashower id moisturise with a oil free moisturiser for combination skin but this usually leaves me with an oily complexion for the rest of the day and id have shiny skin etc. So what would be the best moisturiser to get?

Ps. my face pores are quite big but after jsut washing my face my skin still is dry as hell, if I had oily skin then shouldnt it become oily by now. It seems that after i put face cream on thats when it becomes oily - but i use a oil free moisturiser so how comes?

Any thanks for any help... as I said I may see a dermatologist soon but any help is greatly appreciated!!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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