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Hey! I just read your post and thought of sharing my opinion on it. Please note that the skin of our face is more sensitive than our body. Hence, you require different care and nourishment for both areas. Here are some tips that may help you improve your skin pigmentation and tone.

Exfoliate Regularly
We must remove our dead skin cells on a weekly basis. With time, they get pigmented and leave a darker shade than our original body color. You can use different body scrubs that are effective in detoxing the layers of your skin. After that, use lactic acid moisturizer to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Please note that lactic acid is not a skin-whitening agent. It helps eliminate factors that lead to tanning and skin darkening so we can get our original shade back.

Focus On Vitamin A, C, And E
Switch to a nutrition diet as soon as possible if you wish to have healthy skin. Note that vitamins have a crucial role to play in enhancing our looks. We need vitamin A for melanin production, C for anti-aging treatments, and E for protection from pollutants and UV rays. The best way to absorb it is by having meals rich in these nutrients. Or else you can have a glowing skin tablet or supplement that provides similar vitamins in the amount that our body needs.

Apply & Re-apply Sunscreen
While you work on removing your years-old tan, make sure to protect yourself from getting more tanned. Apply and re-apply sunscreen that will protect you from dust, pollution, blue rays, and sun exposure. Doing so will reduce your risks of hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Use De-tanning Products Once In 2 Weeks
Try to set a skin and body care routine that includes de-tanning at least once in 2 weeks. That will help you to reach your goal faster. However, don't use harsh chemicals or products in the process, as they can cause side effects. Instead, go with natural treatments for de-tanning, like turmeric, tomato, gram flour, etc., that will also resolve the purpose.
Pls what glowing skin tablets do you recommend?
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