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Hi everybody. I'm new here.

I decided to write here because actually it's time i've been dealing with skin lightening subject and I would like to receive some tips, feedback on it.

Basically I have a light skin tone that went a bit tanned in shade over the years. (I mean naturally, genetically, by growing up. And obviously also by being used to take sun during the summer.

So it is not about hyperpigmetations or other skin flaws. )

I post here some pictures to give you an idea of the different skin shades I have in different parts of the body.

In fact there are some body areas, less exposed (as the upper side of the legs), where obviously i never got tanned and that show the basical skin tone I have. That is fair.

And I would like to restore the lightest shade of the skin all over the body.
So face, neck, arms...

Now I was thinking about using a 25% lactic acid body lotion to exfoliate the upper layers of the skin and promote skin renewing.

I write from Italy and honestly here is not payed a lot of attention to this type of things and for example the dermatologist once told me it is not possible, like to revert back skin metabolism and restore a skin tone that you had when you were younger.

But I don't know... honestly It sounds a bit strange to me. It is something I already have and I still mantain in some body areas. It seems to me it is just about a superficial more tanned skin layer. Considering the skin type I have.

Thank you for each reply.


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Hi Carlo,

I have faith all is well.

I wanted to reply to your skin concern. Your skins complexion changing is completely normal and very popular amongst many people. All though climate, eating habits, stress and other topics could be the culprit skin lightening is definitely an option for achieving a lighter complexion. I wanted to shed light on what I believe is most important to you which is would the results be permanent or temporary. I say this since you mentioned you are naturally of a lighter skin complexion. Your results will have to be maintained with a consistent regimen.

I hope I was able to assist. Take care!

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