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Skincare regiments season to season

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Hi Everyone! I was just curious to know what everyone's skin regiments were from season to season...or do you even change them?

With winter approaching I always try my best to keep my skin and lips moisturized.

What about you?
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I use Obagi Skin Care year round, except in the summer I take a break from using any retinol, products as that increases skin's sensitivity to light and I use sunscreen year round even on days with no sun out!
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Obagi seems to be quite a decent product, How do you fare it?
I agree on the sunscreen usage's a good idea.
Yes me too! Moisturizing our skin is one of the best anti-aging measures (aside from using sunscreen) a person can take. With winter coming upon us it is important now more than ever to start moisturizing!

It is important to moisturize our skin any time after showering or washing. However, the first step in moisturizing begins with what we are using on our body to wash it with. It is vital to be using a natural soap that will moisturize your body instead of the common commercial soaps that leave your skin dry, flaky and irritated.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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