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SkinCeuticals gel peel gl

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I have been going to a professional to have gel peels done. Needless to say it is very expensive.

So, I found a very reputable store on ebay and I have been buying professional products and doing the peel myself.

Has any one else taken the route?

I am looking to see what experiences you have had from doing professional peels yourself.

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Peels can be done at home and provide great results, but you really need to be careful and know what you're doing. If you go too strong too quick, you can really burn your skin and cause permanent damage.
The high price of the peels isn't just for the product, or even the location of the spa or whatever you are going to; you're also paying for their expertise. Unfortunately it isn't as simple as buying the same product as those used by the place that you use to go to and getting the same results.

I would never use professional strenght peel products on my face without the proper education. Use caution and common sense though and I'm sure you'll be ok.
Thanks for the input.

Trust me, I have taken my time and done much research. I am using Skinceuticals gel peel GL. I put it on quickly and do not leave it on my face for no more than five minutes.
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I like some of the Skinceuticals products but they are kinda expensive.
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