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Anyone tried Skinn Cosmetics anti aging serums, I ordered the lip plumper serum.........if anyone tried any of the line, please share your results

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Hi Chelsie: I've used some Skinn Cosmetics -- I like the day moisturizer, body butter, eyelash enhancer & the eyeshadows. I did have the serums but gave them away since I have one that I prefer. With anti-aging products it is true you have to target specific areas. I find the products don't irritate my skin and they smell good -- the proof, of course, is if the product works for you.
Mari:How did yo like the eyelash enhancer?? did it make your eyelash grow??
Not bad chelsie -- the gel is very conditioning and I had no reaction to it at all. I've only used the product a couple of weeks but I think my eyelashes are thicker (maybe I'm just hoping they are). But seriously, I'm very allergic to mascara -- tried several brands -- so I tried this Skinn product because I'm hoping my eyelashes will just get thicker and longer. I suppose it'll take at least a couple of months before I can assess any change.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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