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Skyn Iceland Report

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I concluded my 5-day detox plan and here are my findings and my opinions.

For $45 I bought the 5 Day Detox Kit for stressed skin the kit includes the following:
A 1 oz Arctic Face Mist with Biospheric Complex, 0.49 oz Oxygen Infusion Night Cream with Biospheric Complex, 0.5 oz The Antidote Quenching Daily Lotion with Biospheric Complex, and a 1 oz Glacial Face Wash with Biospheric Complex.

The Skyn Iceland products contain plant oils, glacial water, and a mixture of white, yellow, and green teas that add the benefits of antioxidants to the skin.

I also tried samples of Anti-Blemish Gel With Willow Bark (which turned out to be a favorite) and the Icelandic Relief Eye Cream with Biospheric Complex.

The face wash is amazing! It smells wonderful, has a thick consistency and best of all a little goes a long way. It does a great job at cleaning away the day.

I only used the face mist a few times-I found that it felt a bit sticky and made the products feel sticky if I used them together.

The Daily lotion is a nice gel consistency that goes on easy and absorbs nicely. It has a tingly feeling that really wakes your skin up.

The eye cream did a great job at not irritating my sensitive eye area. It?s great for under concealer.

The night cream was a favorite too. It?s does a great job at really soothing and calming your skin. I felt it was very comforting and a couple of times I layered a tiny bit over the day lotion just for some extra hydration and cushion.

I have skin that can be easily irritated or becomes sensitive to any given ingredient (even natural/organic ingredients) and I had no bad reactions to this line at all. I did notice that my skin did get a little dehydrated from using the cleanser twice daily but it could also be attributed that I started drinking about a cup and a half of coffee this week too.

I can say that this line is perfect for oilier skin types as an everyday skin care routine-But for me or more sensitive/drier skin types it would best benefit to be used only as needed. My skin really liked this line and the results are there

If what your looking for is a detox system to help soothe your irritated skin then this is the line. It helped clear up those pesky blemishes and I noticed that my one stubborn cystic acne on my chin went down in size and continues to diminish as I continue to apply the anti-blemish gel. Although, it really did help clear up my skin and the products are a pleasure to use, my skin did feel a bit dehydrated by the end of the 5th day. I will definitely continue to use the face wash and the anti-blemish gel they were by far my two favorites of the line. You can find a glossary on the site skyn ICELAND --> Solutions for Stressed Skin that explains the benefits of the ingredients as well as subjects on Stress & Skin and Stress 101. You can also find this product at - Only the best links ... and Fragrance, Cosmetics & the Finest Facial Skin Care Product Selection at
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Thanks for the review bad cat. Glad to hear you like the products as we've been thinking about carring the skyn iceland line. Will have to consider you for one of our product testers :)
Yes thank you so much for you review. Very thorough! I love hearing others reviews....especially knowing they have sensitive skin, which means it would probably work for others with sensitive skin (but again, everyone's skin is different).

Again, thank you.
I'm telling ya' all the anti-blemish gel works. It's gentle enough that I use it twice a day and with how sensitive my skin is I get no negative reactions whatsoever. It's really helped my hormonal chin breakouts.

I love this stuff. I just ordered the full size from
Wow, what a review, Great job... I have very oily skin. Do I still need to moisturize? Can I still use a night treatment? I'm new to this site and I've heard so many different answers, I'm a little fustrated. Thank you
This line is a really good line and I truly believe that oilier skin types will benefit greatly from it.

Go onto the site they are donating some of the proceeds to cancer if you make a purchase from them.
This line is a really good line and I truly believe that oilier skin types will benefit greatly from it.

Go onto the site they are donating some of the proceeds to cancer if you make a purchase from them.
I'm sure I'll be trying it someday then....thanks for your advice, and report....very thorough!

Our little skincaretalk guinie do you spell that? I could lable myself a guinie pig too....sometimes I'll try anything, as long as I research it enough and know what it is.
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