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Until the other day, I never realized how much my eyelids have begun to sag. Working a few jobs and barely getting enough sleep has taken a toll on them. I am still young and I do not want my eyelids to get any worse then they are.
\tI noticed that my upper eyelid, the area under my brow, and lower eyelid, the area over the eye, were both sagging. I discovered that in order to reduce these aging effects that I need to pay close attention to both areas, not just one. Another tip I learned from my dermatologist was that I should not use heavy creams on my eyelids, because it could pull on the thin, delicate skin tissue.
\tThere are not too many health stores around where I live so I went online and looked for products that would help my eyelids. I found some very promising products on a website called the vitamin shoppe and ordered a product called Serum RevitalEYES.
\tMy skin is very sensitive and I was hesitant to try a lot of products to see which one worked the best, but luckily, RevitalEYES is working really well for me. It is not oily and does not irritate my skin. I think the reason it works so well is that the light biological fluid used is absorbed immediately into the skin. The most interesting ingredient in this product is the herbal firming complex with DNA and amniotic fluid. When I saw this on the box I immediately did some research on it, because I wanted to know what DNA and amniotic fluid had in it that helped skin firm. My research found that DNA is considered by skin-care professionals as an invaluable aid to skin deficiencies, and that amniotic fluid is rich in proteins, enzymes and amino acids that help the skin feel firmer. Does anyone else use a product with these ingredients?
\tSkin tissue on your eyelids is so delicate, but the Serum RevitalEYES is gentle and I can see a difference in my eyes. The skin is starting to appear to be firmer. I recommend anyone who is starting to notice his or her eyelids sagging to try this product.
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