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Hi all. My guy and I go to the local pool every year many times during the summer. He looks SO forward to our days there. BUT, I am using Alpha Hydrox and KNOW I just HAVE to use sunscreen OR sunblock. (I'm a young 65 and am finally slowly ridding my face of those sun spots!) I know...I know...I should probably not even consider going to the pool....but I love it too. We have such fun. (Sorry this post is so long.....but I'm actually AFRAID of the sun this year, but still want to get out there and enjoy the summer.)

But...I want to SLATHER myself in sunscreen or sunblock this year to protect myself. He does NOT understand when I say "I just CANNOT soak in the sun this year!" I just spent about TWO HOURS researching the internet about sunscreens and sunblocks, ingredients, what they mean, reviews of sunscreens....AND the sun when using AHA products and so on. Now the ONLY thing I think I've learned is that I absolutely HAVE to wear sunBLOCK instead of sunSCREEN.....but that's all. I can NOT afford any of those high priced products some sites recommend....but WHAT do I get? Which offers me the best protection without me not eating this summer so I can buy sunblock? There just HAS to be great sunblocks out there that us "normal" or "financially challenged" adults can afford to buy and still be confident we won't look 10 years older NEXT year....right?
I do NOT want to sit out this summer in my house reading books with my shades drawn just to avoid the sun....I love to have FUN in the SUN. After all, athletes go out there don't they? So what do they do?

Can you folks help me figure out WHAT on earth to get....and, can I get it by the gallon? (Just kidding!)
I need to know pretty quick. He wants us to go next week.....I'm praying for a week of rain....but it will have to quit eventually.
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