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Sore lips and mouth

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For the past week I have developed extremely sore and chapped lips. They have swollen and the area around my lips has turned red and itchy. I have tried a variety of balms and creams such as vasaline and cymex which i have to put on every 15 mins, but does anyone have any advice to what to do or use?
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Be Fine Food Skin Care makes a lip exfoliator, I noticed that it was Editors pick for Allure May 2007. It's kind of pricey, but I find it is worth it. You put it on your lips for not even a minute, then wash it off with water. The beauty advisor at my local cvs told me that the pineapple enzymes removes the dead skin cells and aloe helps heal and boosts collagen. I suffer from really dry lips in the winter and summer and so far, i have no complaints. I use it twice a day every other day. I also have really dry, flaky skin in the winter and always moisturize around my mouth after I wash my face or shower. If it doesn't go away, I'd consult your doctor.
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