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mg1 - I agree with you. It seems to be a trend right now for beauty parlours or whatever you want to call them to transform themselves into "spas" by adding to their list of services facials, etc. I did had a facial at beauty parlour cum spa but the treatment was rushed because of other appointments. The woman was actually working on me and another woman at the same time. Why I like Ste. Anne's is because of the atmosphere -- as soon as you enter they are ready to look after you -- white comfy robes are to be worn all day == if you like == there is always someone ready to suggest something to do while you wait for your treatment. The grounds are beautiful. You get individual attention while you are having your treatment. There are "freebie" treatment areas where you can take advantage of the facilities. They started a therapy session working with horses -- something a psychologist worked out to de-stress people -- I want to try it sometime. There is a boutique where you can buy products but when I was there no one was on duty -- you could browse all you want. The idea at Ste. Anne's is that their guests can escape from their every day world and improve their physical and mental well-being. Check out the spas in ritzy hotels or top notch department stores -- the down side here is that the have their regular customers who do get preferential treatment.
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