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SPF intolerance

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Hi all!! I know how important it is to be wearing sunscreen. I have tried multiple brands and formulations but no matter what, my face feels like it is being suffocated and my pores clogged. I end up having to wipe it off. Is there anything you guys have tried that is light weight and does not have that SPF smell and feel???? I would certainly appreciate any help! Thanks, Amy
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I know what ur talking about.. Sunscreens feel so heavy and greasy on the skin especially after the application of moisturizer!! I recntly started using the iS Clinical powder sunscreen. It has an SPF 20. I just dab it on my face! N its freaking light to carry
I may try it. I have real problems with sunscreens too -- I've thrown out products after only a couple of useages. I don't like the odor, or the texture and my face always feels dirty after a couple of hours. In the past I've also had severe allergic breakouts after using some products. I don't know how protective mineral makeup is but I'm hoping this year it will be the answer.
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I take it no one is impressed or relies on moisturizers with sunscreen mixed in????
Yeah.. U might as well get the answer this year. I had to go through a lot of greasy sunscreens before I came to this one. Try getting it from one of the online stores. U get a cheaper deal..
Thanks --I'll do that. I am using a mineral makeup with SPF 30 and I understand it's waterproof. So, even though SPF isn't culmative with products I hope I can beat the sun this year.
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