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SPF intolerance

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Hi all!! I know how important it is to be wearing sunscreen. I have tried multiple brands and formulations but no matter what, my face feels like it is being suffocated and my pores clogged. I end up having to wipe it off. Is there anything you guys have tried that is light weight and does not have that SPF smell and feel???? I would certainly appreciate any help! Thanks, Amy
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so whats the best sunscreen out there to use?
forget the price ii want quality!
The one Fawnie just mentioned or one of these.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL fluide extreme SPF 50+

Bioderma Photoderm Max fluid SPF 50+
I've been promoting Mexitan because of the non chemicals factor, I got the 15 & 30 SPF and both leave that "tin man" or white face look, and now they have 50 SPF that will be the gost face? I tried the Burt's Bee 15 SPF and it's like if you were pouring honey on your skin, yark!
I've been thinking of getting some Mexitan to use on my hands. I'd rather have kinda white hands than my face.
I've used the brand Badger before and it was not too bad as far as whiteness goes. High percentage of zinc oxide and Titan. dioxide.
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I take it no one is impressed or relies on moisturizers with sunscreen mixed in????
Seems many people do but this is far from adequate protection I believe.
It's usually always spf 15 or lower and often not photostable.
I dont know if this is correct to do but i always put moisturizer on after sunscreen!
Sunscreens should be put on after a moisturizer. Many sunscreens have built in moisturizers.
Baby, have you tried both Bioderma and Avene? Avene Emulsion is for normal/combo skin and sometimes I need something a little more moisturizing or lightweight. What do you rec?
To add to my PM comments......not really sure what you should use. Keep trying the top ones out there till you figure it out.
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