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SPF intolerance

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Hi all!! I know how important it is to be wearing sunscreen. I have tried multiple brands and formulations but no matter what, my face feels like it is being suffocated and my pores clogged. I end up having to wipe it off. Is there anything you guys have tried that is light weight and does not have that SPF smell and feel???? I would certainly appreciate any help! Thanks, Amy
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Mom, Hi welcome!!!

Some ppl say that titanium dioxide makes them feel "clogged". I like zinc oxide better anyway since it doesn't leave that white cast. I look for micronized zinc.

My current favorites are: Avene Emulsion 50+(chemical/physical hybrid) and Devita SPF30 (purely physical - not chemical).

Look for the ingredients Tinosorb or Mexoryl which stabilize the active chemicals to prevent them from breaking down on your skin and causing free radical damage. Or stick with a purely physical sunscreen.

I hope this helps you in some way. I know how everyone is different. Sometimes you just have to experiment til you find what is right for you!

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I did not like La Roche sunscreen personally!

Fawnie what is it your are trying to say that Aveeno has chemicals in it and Devito does not but what is purely chemical and hybrid then in sunscreens? Thanks
Uh, AVENE Emulsion 50+ (orange tube) has chemical AND physical agents, so it gives a high degree of protection from UVA and UVB plus it is stable plus it doesn't leave a white cast. It is lightweight and absorbs quickly. Suitable for under makeup.

DEVITA is micronized zinc oxide so it is purely physical, but it only has SPF 30 and has not been rated for PPD. It is very moisturizing and is in a shea butter base, so it takes a while to absorb. OK for use under makeup if you have dry skin, otherwise it is too moist.

Yes it does, Cheeks!!! Thanks!! Can you comment on purely physical sunscreens, like TiDo and ZnO? The newer ones that have micronized zinc and nano TiDo don't leave that "tin man" or white face look, but are they reliable?
And are they safe?

Appreciate your comments!!

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So i tryed the Aveene for sensative skin found this very bitty and flaky on my face, is this the correct word, dont know but anyway may be i should of not put moisturizing cream with this so il try again tomorrow otherwise may be il try Biotherm i like there stuff but is expensive!

Mariepop whenever i get excema on me hands burt bees cream is great dont know about rest of there stuff though!
NY, You may like the Devita then as it is more moisturizing. You don't need a lot of SS - just press it into your skin rather than rubbing!

Baby, have you tried both Bioderma and Avene? Avene Emulsion is for normal/combo skin and sometimes I need something a little more moisturizing or lightweight. What do you rec?

Fawnie i found that the Avenue for sen skin did not soak into my skin well enough and was just bitty and icky!
Try using less and patting it into your skin.

Yeah i did do, just always thought that with spf it is better to use thicker layer and leave this to soak in! Think though il try biotherm next! Eventually il try something i like at least though avenue did not irrate the skin!
You could try patting on several thin layers instead of one thick one maybe? Or use an oil beneath it? Maybe it just isn't for you though. It IS a little matte for my taste sometimes, especially under foundation. But I like that it doesn't have parabens or bad things and has high PPD. As The Baby says, you just have to try them all to find one you like!!! The Goldilocks Factor.

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I think mineral makeup alone is a poor substitute for a regular high SPF/PPD sunscreen. You don't apply a thick enough layer to really provide reliable protection I would think. And what about your ears, the back of your neck, your chest, hands, arms. You need to apply it there anyway, might as well do it right.

Sofina is a Japanese brand that is lightweight and ppl like it who hate heavy ones. sells it. I used Cut Milk.

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