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SPF intolerance

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Hi all!! I know how important it is to be wearing sunscreen. I have tried multiple brands and formulations but no matter what, my face feels like it is being suffocated and my pores clogged. I end up having to wipe it off. Is there anything you guys have tried that is light weight and does not have that SPF smell and feel???? I would certainly appreciate any help! Thanks, Amy
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I've been promoting Mexitan because of the non chemicals factor, I got the 15 & 30 SPF and both leave that "tin man" or white face look, and now they have 50 SPF that will be the gost face? I tried the Burt's Bee 15 SPF and it's like if you were pouring honey on your skin, yark!
Mariepop whenever i get excema on me hands burt bees cream is great dont know about rest of there stuff though!
IluvNY, I only tried Burt's Bees sunscreen, it's sticky and smelly, and Mari, you will feel dirty immediately!
but it's chemical free! and it leaves the tin man look but not as strong as Mexitan.

Periwinkle: I have to tell you in the Summer I'm outside everyday and after few weeks using it every day and I got few pimples on my arms, but never on my face and legs! So I keep using it on my face (also for Winter), and used it once or twice a week (in Summer) on my arms & legs, that way I did not get pimples, it's only when I use every day, probably my skin needs to breathe, I make sure to take a shower as soon as I'm done outside.

Gymrat: Coloresciense seems to be fabulous! Which one did you buy and how much it is? I checked their site and I didn't see prices on their products and it doesn't seem to have sunscreen for the whole body, just face, neck and shoulder. I guess if it's good for those parts, it's good for any parts
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