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Hey, I am 19 and from the UK.

I have quite a few spots around my chin and mouth area. Other than that My skin is really clear. I am here to find some anwsers and not to be lectured about everythign I have read because I am rally confused. One site says chocolate causes acne, one says it does. Stress aoppratly does and one doesnt....Its ridicolous. So I did some googling. When looking around I found that girls have complained about spots in the same area when having periods and hormonal changes.

So I did some thinking back. When I was younger 16-17 I had testosterone jabs, because I was behind puberty. This didnt mature me pysically but it made me hairier :p Anyway, I have gotten alot taller recently and I have gone from a M to a L in clothes and also gotten fatter/filling out slightly. Basically I have a body of a 16yr old and could these spots be related to my body changing/hormones? If they are what specific "remidies" should I do/take? Because no amount of cleaning etc has reduced them.

Also another problem I am having is my cheeks. They are red and next to my nose my pores are open. The redness goes down the side of my face and is kinda blotchy.

I use a cleanser and a toner on my face at evening and face wipes in the morning. I dont take any vitamins, but I do try to drink 2lts of mineral water a day. My doctor prescribed Zindaclin 1% gel and Ive been using that and it has slighty worked but no drastic improvement. Because of my body chaging I have started to shave so I thought it was that (ingrowing hairs etc) but when doing more and more research it doesnt look like it. Shoudl I just stick it out. Most of the spots have been very red ending up to have little whiteheads. I am desperate to get rid of them, I feel so bad when I look at my mates and there skin is perfect and it is a real knock down on my confidence when out drinking and socialising.

Thanks for reading.

Brad Sherwin

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stress and chocolate, and all those other bad things, aggravate acne. so if you have acne, you will notice that during high stress periods, or eating greasy and fried foods, and sweets, your skin will react really bad, but of course it does not mean for everyone.

my brother in law eats only chocolate, fat foods, and fried foods all day. and he only drinks soda. he never drinks water. he has the most flawless skin, so go figures. he is overweight, but skin wise, not one pimple.

as for me, i've had acne since i was 16, i am 29 now. my acne gets worse if i eat unhealthy, don't drink water, etc. so i eat the cleanest and healthiest diet possible, with tons of water. i also take supplements that are good for you in general, but also for acne.

if i don't do this, my acne will be very bad. but now i have just mild acne, that is controllable, with topicals.

you are only 19, so your body is going through a lot of changes still. but you say your using zindaclin. but for how long? and what else do you use? are you using a good cleanser? do you use a mask once a week? even if you wash your face twice a day, it does not mean, your not going to get acne. acne is caused by a number of things, and if the oil gets inside the pore, it creates bacteria, then causing a pimple to form. but if we over wash, we remove our skin from its natural oil, and this can cause more oil to form, and more breakouts.

your acne does not look severe, but mild to moderate.

so try to include a good cleanser, with salicylic acid, use the topical, and do a clay mask with manuka honey once a week. also try to look into natural supplements. oregano oil works great for acne, as does zinc.
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