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starting skin(face)care regiment, advice appreciated

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Hi, Id like to start a skin(face)care regiment. Ive read that you need a toner, moisterizer, and exfoiliator.

Is vitamin E oil good for a moisterizer?

homemade egg white/honey/lime juice for a toner?

how many times a week can I apply the egg mask?

as far as an exfoiliator, if it has alcohol in it should I not get it? I ask because most do.
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As with any product, it depends on your skin, as to how you will fair using it. I use jojoba to remove my makeup & then a cleanser to clean the skin. I have had great progress with this, but I do not have oily, acne prone skin. I don't use a toner, but I get all my make up off with the oil & cleanser.

I have heard about the egg mask, but I have not tried it. You'll have to see how drying it is and go from there on how often to use it.

As far as exfoliators go I use a chemical exfoliator, MaMa Lotion, it is 20% AHA. You might not want to start out w/ something this strong. Alcohol might be a little drying, again you'll just have to see. HTH
La Roche Rosay. most dermatologist recommend it. I like it myself. this is after trying out Clinique, Lancome, Clarins, Shishedo...
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