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Hello everyone,

-27 male / Filipino
-Average weight / light tan skin
-Diet not as healthy as it should be (junk food splurges + work)
-some excercise / under the sun a lot

I'm new to these forums, but have been reading and learning a lot thanks to the knowledgeable posters here. I've decided to ask for help even though I've seen some posts with similar situations as mine.

First of all, after research, I believe that I have steroid induced rosacea. I know it's bad, but I've been stupidly using an OTC hydrocortisone as a facial moisturizer for many years as I thought it was the only cream that didn't make my skin look oily or pasty. Biggest mistake ever.*edit by Mod*

I work in a professional ******* and coach tennis so the extreme heat in both areas have been causing flare-outs on a daily basis. I NEVER had any flares in the past (sans facial blushing when I drank alcohol) before I started cooking. I also notice spicy foods and stress can trigger the redness.

The redness only got worse when I tried to stop using the cream cold turkey, which had me going back to it due to low self-esteem and embarassment as it was the only thing that calmed the bursts of red. I also used to never sweat, but now I sweat profusely out of nowhere (due to both nerves and I always feel hot?) which does NOT help my skin at all. This is probably due to my diet always shifting (I will work on this as I know healing internally is definitely important).

So what I'm looking for are some natural or OTC medications that I can use to help me ease into the healing of this condition. It has really lowered my self-esteem and domino effects into other aspects of my life. I don't think I can afford a dermatologist as I don't have health insurance and heard the medications can run a few hundred dollars for a monthly supply!

I've tried/changed so far -

stopped using the hydrocoritsone cream (caused flares, but I read this was normal due to steroid withdrawal)
aloe vera plant - Seemed to alleviate redness temporarily
argan oil - no effect on redness, skin feels nicer though.
cold compress - also temporary alleviation
stopped exfoliating my skin - definitely helped with redness

Thank you so much in advance, I really appreciate any help I can get to relieve me of this huge burden that has made such a negative impact in such a short time.
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