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Firstly hello to everyone at skincaretalk!

I am hoping that someone can help? For the last 3-4 years I have this extremely embarrassing problem that occurs without any warning. Basically, I have small area between the centre of my cheek and my right eye that occasionally flairs up and goes very red (maybe once a month or so).

In appearance it looks like an insect bite as the centre looks whitish in appearance and whist inflamed feels like a hard centre. The strange thing is it only lasts around 20mins before almost completely disappearing. Once gone the skin softens again and I cannot feel anything under my skin and looks and feels normal.

My GP cannot do anything because he has never seen this on me.

I would appreciate any thoughts?

Many thanks to all


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Okay, this sounds like an allergic reaction to something...

How often does this occur?
Does it occur on a regular basis? If so, under what circumstances does it occur?
You say you have had this for 3-4 years; can you relate the first event to anything, for example an insect bite, superficial injury, something like that?

The redness is obviously your skin's inflammatory reaction. The hard center is likely the source of the inflammation - hence my suspecting an insect bite or similar (may be, very possibly a spider bite).

Does rubbing it or scratching the area set off the reaction?

If you can answer these questions we may be able to narrow it down.
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