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Hello, I am new to the forum. I am desperately searching for some answers. Thanks in advance to any ideas/suggestions.

I have acne. Adult onset and Moderate. I DO have reactions to BP if I get it near my eyes, my lids swell. However, until recently I have been able to use it with no other issues. I started to use it after a lay off and within 2 days, the area around my nose, lips and chin started to itch and then get very rough and dry...almost peeling (well, right on the line of my top lip...DID peel. At that time I wasnt sure it was the BP...discontinued until skin was healed.....used it ONCE and had the same reaction. OK, stopped using for good.

I started using just my cleanser that contains Salicylic acid but it wasnt enough to control the acne. So I added Clearasil since it helped before(nvr had a reaction to it before either). Used 1 pad...1 time and guess what?? SAME THING!! The next day my face was itching, now its red, dry and rough again. Does this sound like I have just become super sensitive and am having contact dermatitis? Or something else?

However this time, its creeping up towards my eyes. I keep thinking that the dryness right at the crease of my nostrils didnt go away 100% last time, but I am not sure if I am remember correctly or not.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Desperate in Fl (AKA - Jessie)
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