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Hello and thank you all for taking your time for reading this :)

Well, I have a small skin problem. I have what seems to be a small rash on my skin, specifically on my thighs. A rash, at first looked similar to acne, but now parts of it are a bit red. And some skin near my crotch has changed in a weird, hard to explain way.

I will attach the pictures as links, so you can view them only if you want to :) Yes, I am male.

The rash does NOT hurt, it just itches every now and then.

This is a picture of the "red"-acne like part I mentioned earlier. I algo do apologize for the poor quality of the pictures, I do not have a great camera; But I think it does the job.

And this is a picture of the weird part of the skin, near to my crotch. There used to be a similar rash there, that only itched. You can see what I mean by weird skin:

I would REALLY appreciate any sort of advice you could give me; It started similar to very very very small little bubbles, my brother in law said it could be skin herpes virus. But I do find that highly questionable since I've never had any sexual relationship.

Thanks again for your time!

Edit: Seems I'm not allowed to post URLs yet, please just copy and paste :)
EDIT: I just found out its called MILIA. :)
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