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Stretch marks and scar tissue

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Hi everyone

Thought I would just create a new topic regarding these other topics. I use Priori and Vitage skincare here in Glasgow. I use these programs on my clients on a daily basis.

For people who have come to me in my salon about stretch marks I have advised them of the Vitage Vitamin C serum. This is a truely wonder product that helps to build up collagen, hydrate the skin and also take away / reduce stretch marks and also scar tissue. I have used this on pregnant ladies to help them have a stretch mark free tummy after having their babies. This serum consists of Vitamin C, hyralonic Acid, and vitamin B. This is a very watery product and is used to hydrate the skin. It is truely a must have product and has been tried and tested by many people and have found this works.

For scar tissue you will require a AHA Priori Gentle facial cleanser as this consists of 14% lactic acid. Use also a corrector such as skin renewal Priori AHA to help regenerate new cells and not forgetting a SPF of 30 Daily defence AHA priori. To help any scar tissue a combination of courses of AHA skin renewal peels and omnilux revive and Plus will surely restore your skin.

Be sure that when you do make the descision to get onto this program please bear in mind that although you may see an instant delivery AHA has to work hard to get rid of any inconsistancies underneath the skins surface (the visible bit you can see). You will get ugly days but if you truely see this program through I guarantee you you're skin will be close to perfect after 6 months. I have treated so many people with this condition and other conditions and yes, some times it is difficult for the person to see the difference after 2 weeks - they'll have the hydration and the lovely skin look and then after that it may be 3 months down the line that they may experience ugly days when somebreak outs appear but this is because the AHA's are hard at work and it's getting rid of any congestion underneath so to think of it as cleanse, correct, hydrate and protect.
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Good info.

Do you actually have clients that come see you on a daily basis?
Hi Freddy

Thanks for the reply yep I certainly do. I do alot of advanced skincare treatments and programs for my clients. I take them through a thorough medical consultation form and get everything I require i.e health issues, medication, anti biotics etc.... and I make sure that the clients aren't contra indicated to any of the treatments, products or advices I am able to offer. I deal with alot of problematic skin issues and I've had really good results. I'm connected to the Harley Street London clinics and I work as a medical esthetician / beauty therapist. I work with electrolysis, advanced phototherapeutics, chemical peels, TCA and enzymes etc... There's not one set program for everyone if you know what I mean. You can check out my other thread regarding melasma and roseaca for the advice I gave to yasmin. Any probs let me know
Eternally Beautiful
I have been using the Priori skin care range since September '08 and I agree it certainly does hydrate my skin but I still get a lot of spots and blocked pores. I think my skin problems might be due to hormonal issues.

I used to get very dry sore skin patches that have disappeared since using Priori.
Hi That's great that you've found a difference using PRIORI. If you have been hormonal and have breakouts then the best thing that I can suggest that you use is Vitage Clear complexion gel or PRIORI facial perfection gel. Both are just as good but use different ingredients. Vitage is an advanced Anti oxidant based treatment and is good to nourish the skin and treat by using Vitamins. PRIORI AHA is used as a lactic acid and has ingredients that are used to hydrate and treat specific areas. Facial perfection gel contains BHA, LCA complex and MFAS. Try to get this for breakouts as this works a treat especially on people who have acne and breakouts.

Eternally Beautiful
Have you ever seen success with skin needling? Here's a link:

Article on Skin Needling and Rollers for Scar Reduction - Dr. Philippa McCafferey

I've heard that copper peptides and needling can be effective. Also Retin-A.

I am a newbie here. I usually post on the skinbiology website, since I started using their product for about two months now. I had IPL (Palomar starlux) last year, which caused
a textural change about 2 inches wide and 1 inch long below my cheekbone. It is actually a scar issue. Before this procedure, I had good skin. I started on the weaker CP - Super GHK peptide by Skin biology due to several negative experiences I read in the internet about their regular copper peptide serum. I could not find many positive many on this product. In addition, the copper peptide used in their products is different, and I read that is would not be the effective CP. I did a lot of research on CP's before taking the plunge on Skin Biology products.

I used GHK for 7 weeks and the scar tissue improved. I used it with the exfoliation and lacsal serum on alternate days. I started using the regular CP 2 weeks ago and the scar tissue is still improving. I am happy with the products because it did give me hope. My scar tissue is barely visible and feels more like normal skin. I am the only one who knows it is still there. I wished I started it last year but I was scared of trying copper peptide.

My advice for anyone who wants to try it is to start w/ the weaker solution - GHK peptide before trying the regular copper peptide. Also, I would not use it regularly under the eyes. I only used it a couple of times a week on that area. I have not heard many negative experiences on the GHK peptide.

Another thing, I did try Neova's GHK serum as well as PSF GHK. Skin Biology's products seem to be the most potent on scar tissue, but you have to be very careful with the product and will need to start slow even if you do not experience any irritation. I purchased Neova and PSF because I read that these products contained the right type of CP.

I hope this helps. If you want to check my experiences with copper peptide, you can find several of my post on Skin Biology's website. At least you will know that I am a legitimate poster and not someone who is trying to market the product. My bad experience w/ IPL is also on Skincarerx

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