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strivectin or trilastin for stretch marks?

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which one works better for stretch marks? strivectin or trilastin??? please tell me your experiences. ty
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I learned about strivectin from reading a hydroderm review. The author recommended the product in place of hydroderm (bad new, don't buy). The site I purchased the product from provided many positive reviews from customers. I tried and it am very satisfied with it. I wouldn't say all my stretch marks are gone, but it helped. It appears that I only have a limited control when it comes to getting rid of cellulite. And most of it is genetics.

Hope that helps.
I've been using Strivectin on my tummy and I have seen some results.
I have used trilastin.. it helped very little with lightening stretch marks and helped a little with tightening skin back up after 2nd pregnancy but not drastically...won't repurchase, too expensive ..I am considering emu oil now. Just had 3rd baby and need tummy tuck (LOL) but have read about the benefits of it.... haven't decided on brand to order tho. My cousin uses bio oil and she likes it.
Hope this helps.
Has anybody actually seen good results from Strivectin? I've read that it's basically "snake oil" for lack of a better term.
Actually one of my friends did try the strivecton with great results! you can't see she ever had any stretch marks! now she is using it as a wrinkle cream. I would try Trilastin but it isn't available around here. There are only two things stoping me from trying Strivecton. The first being that not everyone gets the same results, we all have different skin and secondly, the almighty price tag. Where I am it's 200$ a tube. And considering just how many scars I have (torso and legs) I would go through a tub in close to a month. Has anyone tried the one from Avon with any results?
wow $200 a tube. It's quite expensive for sure. Whuihh the meaning of beauty is a lot of money. hihihi
Yes the price of some of these things is astronomical! To tell the truth, I'm still sitting on the fence .... should I? Shouldn't I? Great if it works for me, what if it doesn't? I am one of those people who rethink to the point of driving people batty and as for this one I'll decide eventually, still waiting to hear more encouraging words I guess before I invest that much money!
I've been using strivectin on my stretch marks for 9 months now and noticed some improvement. If I rate the change from 1 to 10, it would be around 3.5. I also apply it on my scar and saw some improvement.
crabtree and evelyn has a very good stretch mark cream
Thanks, I think I'm gonna try the one from Avon, at least it's on the cheaper side.
I've used strivectin but it's also really really expensive here I pay about 2200 rand (South African) but I've had some fantastic results. I have been told that Dermactin ts is the generic and works as well and it's literally a fraction of the price, can anyone tell me if it reallt works?
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