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sun-burns! and skin whitening suggestion plz?

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hey everyone!!

I have recently got sun burns. Because i am a film maker. And going for out-door shoots really has affected my skin. Please any one can give me suggestions how can i stop geting my skin being affected by sun-ray??

Usually i have a very oily skin, but in winter i dont feel much of oil on face. And its usually dry.

What a i want to achieve:

First i want suggestions on removing those sunburns ..and something which will prevent those sun-burns in the future, when i go for shoot outside???

Secondly as i have a dark and oily skin(not in winter), i want something which can lighten my skin. I wonder how to choose a good product, because i dont want my skin to have side-effects of choosing a wrong product. So please suggest how to pick a good product for whitening the

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Since u remain out in the sun for long times at a stretch... Its almost indispensible for you to use a good quality sunscreen. I wonder how you went without it all the while..

You seem to have oily skin. Therefore you need a lightweight oil-free sunscreen. Better yet try iS Clinical SPF 20 Powder Sunscreen. Because it is powder, it doesn't make the skin oily at all and moreover, you can dab it on regularly and easily.

Dont go without a sunscreen anymore...


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hi silentking!
there are a few options you can choose from, and it all comes down to how much time you have on a day to apply protection, etc. if i were you i would make sure that you layer up - so have an spf in your moisturiser, spf in your foundation, and if possible maybe have an extra topical spf to use before moisturising.

some good products to try - lancome's daily moisturiser with spf, mineral foundation which has a natural sun block in it, and possibly a product like ultrasun which you could apply just at the beginning of the day.

with your job, though, i would recommend wearing as much clothing protection (hats, sunglasses) and staying in the shade as much as possible, especially when the sun is at the highest, which will obviously change wherever you are in the world...

in terms of lightening the skin - it is a little difficult as most ahas and glycolic peels will leave the skin very sensitive to sun damage so you should really only use those when you are not going to be exposed, or at least have minimal exposure. a good one i have tried and can recommend is elemis tri-enzyme range but please use an spf when you are using it:

an alternative more gentle solution is to use vitamin c - either include it in your existing range (eg vitamin c powder from philosphy) or go for a range which includes it - i rate trilogy in particular:
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