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Hi - I wonder if anyone could help.

Im one of those people who fell into the habbit of regulary going on sunbeds and sunbathing at every opportunity in my twenties and early thirties. I am now 38 years old and stopped sunbathing about three years ago because I started noticing some brown patches developing on my forehead. The patches gradually got darker and bigger and now cover half of my forehead. I tried different skin creams on the market but none of them worked so I decided to have none invasive laser treatment last year. I had about 6 treatments over a six month period, and always used sunblock on my face at all times. During that 6 month period the brown patches appeared to fade a little, so I was quite happy. However despite continuing with sun block, the patches have become just as dark again this summer - so all together Im very disapointed with the end result.

Note:- I had the laser treatment during the end of Summer/Autumn period last year - so Im not convinced that the laser treatment was the source of reducing the appearance of the brown patches.

I am reluctant to invest in any further treatement unless theres a very good chance that the appearance of sun damage will be reduced.

Does anyone have any advise as to any other treatments that could be suitable or do you think I am wasting my time (baring in mind the lasers did not work)?
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