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'Sun' zits

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For as long as I can remember, I have broken out about 2-3 days after sun exposure. Initially, I have a beautiful, mild tan and my skin looks great, but 2-3 days after... I get these 'heat' zits. I can feel my skin is inflamed and overheated, but I don't know how to 'calm' it and prevent these rampant post-sun breakouts. I cleanse my skin thoroughly and use acne meds, but nothing seems to prevent it even though I know it's coming. Any help?

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have you tried using a sunblock when youre outside?
ALWAYS use sunscreen. If you don't like the feel of it, I'd try a type of spray that doubles as a cooling agent as well as a sunscreen (they usually sell them in the drugstores).

Also, medication can sometimes make your skin even more sensitive to the sun--more reason to wear sunscreen!

Try aloe for soothing your zits for the time being.
Yeah, you'll obviously want to use sunscreen, use it half an hour before sun exposure.
Yes ma'am! The UV rays from the sun (which also damage your skin) not only dry out pimples, but will often times kill some of the bacteria that may reside within them. Keep in mind.. its a temporary fix. The sweat and oils from your hands and face caused by the heat can also cause zits, so its a give and take situation. If you are on acne treatments, the sun is the worst thing for you until treatment is finished (your face will burn very very easily!). If it helps, I am a total beach bum....I will use oil free SPF 15 sunscreen and my skin, and it will still stay clear almost all summer.

Also, the best make-up is oil feel (cheaper liquid foundations found at the drug store always made me break-out). My favorites, which are more expensive but totally worth it- Clinique, Stay True, oil-free (liquid) and my ABSOLUTE favorite, Bare Minerals (powder) .... I Hope this helps!
I'm going to have to find a better sunscreen for my face, it leaves me all white and hard to work into the skin.
Try doing a search on google for msm gel. Look for Kala Msm Gel (one of the first results) It costs 14.95 and is well worth it!!! Msm is great for healing acne and this is very cost effective for treating the back.

It works like a charm! Good luc
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