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Sunburn, Please Help...

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I just came back from the beach and got sunburn on my face, even though I used an SPF 40 sunscreen. I did not have any Aloe Vera at my house to ease my burnt skin, so I went to my local health food store to buy some. While I was there I stumbled on an awesome facial mask called the Optimum Antioxidant Facial Mask. I just tried it and it?s a velvety gel that you only have to leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.
\tThe thing that caught my eye was that the box said it contained artichoke. I knew from school that artichoke has the ability to fight off sun damage and has the ability to trap free radicals generated by UV light. I also read that it may be linked to non-melanoma skin cancer prevention. After I just burnt my skin, I was very excited that I found this facial mask.
\tHas anyone else tried this product and liked it? I?m going to keep using it and I?ll let everyone know if I see a difference in my skin.
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Brew a big pot of Tea and pour them into your bath water. It work very well...
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